Some More Club Favorites–Keep ‘Em Coming!

Russ Allen got back to me regarding a handful of plants that did well for him this past season.  As Russ put it, “I’ve opted to include four cultivars which had an outstanding year in my garden last year but were NOT included on the AHS Region 4 Popularity Poll ballot–meaning that probably most folks are not familiar with them at all.”

Great idea!  Let’s check out some potentially overlooked performers!

First up, we have:

Unlock the Stars – Petit 2005, 25″/6″, M, Tet,, Sev, Dbl — lavendar with gold edge

“While I’ve been rather skeptical of most doubles until recently, this gorgeous double is a cultivar that clearly surpasses the beauty possibilities of single cultivars   Its blooms are so impressive that they serve as a magnet for attention even though the height and size of the plant are not unusual.”

2.   Madness to See – E. Scott 2003, 27″/6.5″, E, Tet, Evr, Fra, Sngl — cream with dark purple eye and platinum and purple edge.

“While there are other cream with purple eye cultivars, Madness to See has performed extremely well for me in terms of both the beauty of the individual blooms as well as overall visual impact of the clump.  It has been a rapid multiplier and frankly has been a much more impressive cultivar than Jane Trimmer which is up for a Stout Medal.”


3.   South Georgia Peaches – T. Bell 2005, 35’/5.25″, EM, Tet, Evr, Fra, Sngl — peach self

“This cultivar, while not appearing all that impressive in a photo, performed marvelously last year in my garden.  A fast multiplier, it may have had some rebloom, and it had wonderful visual impact of the clump, even though I only recently added this to my garden. The ruffled edging is truly delightful and it’s great to set a bloom on a plate in the kitchen to enjoy for a day. I’d describe the color as more a luscious yellow-peach.”

4.   Bahama Butterscotch – E. Salter 1990, 18″/3.5″, Tet, Evr, Sngl – amber butterscotch blend.

“While most of my top dozen best cultivars for each blooming seas vary from year to year, Bahama Butterscotch has the unique distinction of almost always making my top 12 list due to its floribundance!  You wouldn’t imagine why by reading the description, since it’s described as a small flower only 3.5” in diameter. 

But this is such a fast multiplier that I’ve had to divide the clump 4 times in the past 10 years — and the remaining clump always is one of the most impressive in my whole garden. That may also be why the double fan price in last year’s Eureka is only $9.00.  All I can say is that the photogenic impact of a clump of Bahama Butterscotch almost always overpowers that of its much larger cousins.  I try to give some of this cultivar to all my neighbors since it gives all daylilies a good name!”

And, finally, Cheryl Fox wanted to offer up another of her favorites.

Two Sues (Hanson-C., 2005) height 31″, bloom 6″, season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Bronze rose blend with soft persimmon watermark above gold throat. (Inca Apothecary × Doeskin Dress)


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