Babysitting/Door Prize Program


Fox Point - Culver '02
Fox Point – Culver ’02

Connecticut Daylily Society Babysitting and Door Prize Gifting Program

Mission and  Vision Statement

¬ Mission: The Connecticut Daylily Society (CDS) will purchase and make available a diverse assortment of daylilies from its guest speakers and other respected hybridizers to enhance the education and gardens of CDS members.
¬ Vision:  to promote appreciation for the daylily, to advance awareness of recent hybridizing accomplishments (including those of CDS and Region 4 hybridizers), and to inspire future hybridizing efforts by our members.
¬ Volunteer Gift Plant Grower Mission:  To grow guest plants obtained by the CDS in their gardens, consistent with CDS Door Prize Plant Growing Guidelines, in order to either:
o grow the guest plants in order to provide the increase from these cultivars on an ongoing basis for use as Door Prizes available to CDS members, or  
o commit to growing guest plants for a fixed period of time (e.g., 2 or 3 years) at which point all the increase in fans (i.e. excluding the grower’s retained single fan) would be provided as Door Prizes to CDS members.
o to work cooperatively with the CDS Door Prize Record Keeper on the selection of door prize plants to be awarded from their garden.