Scout Initiative

Any Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts looking to earn a badge to do with gardening, we have volunteers available to give your group a tutorial on hybridizing daylilies! A CDS member will take you through a daylily garden, teach you the difference between diploids and tetraploids as it pertains to crossing plants, point out the various parts of the daylily anatomy, and demonstrate how to pollinate hemerocallis. Scouts will be shown the wide variety of daylily types and will be allowed to make their very own crosses! They will tag their blooms and later be given the seeds from their crosses when the pods ripen.

Scouts will also be given material on how to chill and subsequently plant their seeds. In two years’ time, their seedlings will bloom original flowers of their very own making. Who knows–you may have a future famous daylily hybridizer in your troupe! We’ll even offer instruction on how to name and register your very own plant should you choose! Email Kim or Rebecca if you’d like to set up a hybridizing how-to for your group!