There are many websites covering daylilies. Here are some that may be of interest to CDS members. 

Daylily Organizations

American Hemerocallis Society:

This site includes the excellent Daylily Database Online, Daylily Sources, Dictionary of Daylily Terms, Frequently Asked Questions, Regional Information, and other daylily information at the national level.

De Colores

American Hemerocallis Society – Region 4: 

This site includes Clubs, Publications (including the excellent Region 4 Newsletter), R4 Resources, and other daylily information at the regional level.

New England Daylily Society:

This site includes the NEDS Calendar, NEDS Newsletters, and other daylily information at the New England level.

Local Sources 

Bloomingfields Farm, Gaylordsville, CT: 

CTdaylily, Wallingford, CT:

Knoll Cottage Daylilies, Southampton, MA:

O’Brien Nurserymen, Granby, CT:


Charlotte’s Daylily Diary:

This site includes links to over 500 commercial websites/blogs, AHS daylily clubs/newsletters, and its own International Garden of the Week series.

Seedlings Du Jour
Russ’s Seedlings Du Jour

Lily Auction: 

This is an online auction of registered daylilies, seedlings, seeds and other plants/tools.

You Tube

There are many You Tube videos on planting, growing, dividing, deadheading, hybridizing, and growing daylilies from seed.

CDS Video