There are many websites covering daylilies. Here are some that may be of interest to CDS members. 

Daylily Organizations

American Hemerocallis Society:

This site includes the excellent Daylily Database Online, Daylily Sources, Dictionary of Daylily Terms, Frequently Asked Questions, Regional Information, and other daylily information at the national level.

American Hemerocallis Society – Region 4: 

This site includes Clubs, Publications (including the excellent Region 4 Newsletter), R4 Resources, and other daylily information at the regional level.

New England Daylily Society:

This site includes the NEDS Calendar, NEDS Newsletters, and other daylily information at the New England level.

Local Sources 

Bloomingfields Farm, Gaylordsville, CT: 

CTdaylily, Wallingford, CT:

Knoll Cottage Daylilies, Southampton, MA:

O’Brien Nurserymen, Granby, CT:


Charlotte’s Daylily Diary:

This site includes links to over 500 commercial websites/blogs, AHS daylily clubs/newsletters, and its own International Garden of the Week series.

Lily Auction: 

This is an online auction of registered daylilies, seedlings, seeds and other plants/tools.

You Tube

There are many You Tube videos on planting, growing, dividing, deadheading, hybridizing, and growing daylilies from seed.