About CDS

The Connecticut Daylily Society (CDS) is a non-profit group of perennial enthusiasts who meet several times a year to discuss our favorite flower– the daylily! We are affiliated with the American Hemerocallis Society, a national organization we urge all daylily enthusiasts to join. Most of our meetings are held at the Avon Senior Center (see directions page), and are free of charge and open to the public.

Club member Richard Daniel with one of his seedlings.

We feature guest speakers from all over the country who speak on daylily-related topics. Programs may include Power Point
presentations of the latest introductions, or other garden issues, such as pests or fertilization techniques. Generally, our meetings begin at noon with a potluck buffet, and our guest speaker takes the stage at 1 pm. We often have a daylily auction following the program, so bring your checkbook in case you see something you simply must have. Additionally, we award plenty of fabulous daylily door prizes at each meeting, so stop by and see if you’re a lucky winner!

Daylilies are wonderful perennials! Here in CT We have varieties that can start blooming in late May. Others will start in  August. Heights can range from ten inches to over six feet! Flower size can vary from an inch or two up to a foot or more. They are so diverse in their attributes, so easy to care for, and so incredibly beautiful, no garden should be without them.


Members Gary Jones, Augie Krupien, & Paul Bozenhard at Augie’s garden 2005

Meetings are free and open to the public. A potluck dish or dessert is encouraged. Come join us for a meeting to learn more– and hear some great speakers!


2015 CDS Club Officers

President                                                            Russ Allen
Vice President and Program Chair             Gary M. Jones
Secretary                                                            Cheryl Fox
Treasurer                                                            Phillip Douville

Executive Board Members

Greg Haggett                   Kim Krodel
Linda Kozloski                Stacey Whitney

Committee Chairs – to be Appointed and Approved by President and Executive Board

AHS Liaison                                                              Gary Jones
Avon Town Liaison and Building Use               Claire Henderson
Babysitting Plants and Door Prizes                   Linda Kozloski
Hospitality, First Timer Packets                         Deb MacGlafin
Hospitality, Refreshments                                   Lauren and Helen Nordvall
Hospitality, Registration and Greeting             Joe and Margaret Soja, Linda Hunter
Hospitality, Set up                                                   Bob Musson and Chris Szarek
Membership and Mailings                                     Linda Kozloski and Alexis Kuchel
Outreach and Education                                         Rebecca Nisley
Plant Sale                                                                    Officers, Executive Board Members
Plant Sale Photos                                                      Linda Kozloski
Publicity                                                                       Kim Krodel
Technology                                                                  Kim Krodel and Rich Howard

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