Some CDS Favorites: What Are Yours?

I put a call out for names and pictures of favorite cultivars a few weeks ago.  I got a couple of responses, and I know many of you are having a hard time committing to one or two “Bests.”  That must be why I haven’t heard from y’all!  🙂

Anyway, lets check out some of our members’ personal great garden performers.

Tuxedo Junction was submitted by Cheryl Fox.  She says it was one of her top favorites this past season, and with good reason!  It is gorgeous, and really seems to make a tremendous display with those large flowers in a clump.  Love the big green throat!  Wonderful photography, too, Cheryl!

The Details:

Tuxedo Junction (Schwarz-B., 1999)
height 30″, bloom 7″, season M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 20 buds, 3 branches,  Parchment with pink edges above olive throat. (Elegant Finale × Lavender Light)

Claudine’s Charm is a favorite of Tina Cotter’s.

Tina says:

“I first viewed this daylily in Helene Ferrari’s garden in 2010, and it was love at first sight!  I had to have Claudine, and have been growing Claudine for the last two seasons.  She is magnificent!  I am happy that she is a good increaser, and now that I have a small clump, she makes her presence known as one of my daylily stars.  It is not uncommon to have multiple blooms, and the effect is spectacular!”

The Details:

Claudine’s Charm (Sellers 2000), scape height 26 inches, bloom size 5.5 inches.  Midseason, Evergreen Tetraploid with rebloom. Bud count 16, branches 2.

What a gorgeous plant!  Thanks for sharing, Tina!

I’m off to add both of those to my wish list!

H. Jan’s Twister

I really had a hard time deciding on a garden favorite.  It was a tough call between Long Stocking and Jan’s Twister.  In the end, I chose Jan.  I’ve used pollen from both plants in my hybridizing endeavors and don’t have anything too exciting to show for it yet, but I still play with them on occasion.  I love Jan’s face.  She twists and turns and no flower looks exactly like another but each one is gorgeous.  It’s just a plant that makes me smile every time I walk by her on my path.

The Details:

Jan’s Twister (J. Joiner, 1991) is an early/mid evergreen crispate spider.  Peach self with green throat. Dip. 2’4″ height, 12″ bloom (Jean Wise x Kindly Light)

Now keep those recommendations coming!  Even if you don’t have a picture, I’ll do my best to locate one, or link to another site for the eye-candy!  I’m sure we’d all love to know what performs exceptionally well, or puts on a fabulous show in your garden!

Enjoy your fall! 🙂




  1. In addition to being a good plant, with lots of buds and branching,for those who hybridize Tuxedo Junction has very strong pollen.If you are trying to hybridize Tet UFo’s this can be a very desirable trait.

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