Directions/Weather Cancellations

Directions to the meetings and plant sale:

Held at the Avon Senior Center, 635 West Avon Road, Avon.

From Route 44: Turn onto Rt 167 south; continue 2.8 miles to Senior Center on right.

From Route 84: Take Exit 39, Farmington, Route 4 West for 2.6 miles. Turn right onto Brickyard Road for 2.6 miles to Avon Senior Center on left.  (Brickyard Road becomes West Avon Road shortly before the Senior Center.) Use rear entrance of building.

View Map of Avon, CT

Check NBC Connecticut/WVIT or for closing information when weather is questionable.

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  1. Got my Daylily Journal this past week, and boy was I excited to see B.J. McMillen on the cover. Bought it on our field trip to Carl Harmon’s garden in New Hampshire the other year. I have it in a pot, trying to figure out the perfect spot to plant it. So I had better find a place soon, eh? I just love those big late UFOs. The bambis come during mid-season, but not later, so I might have a chance to see it blooming from in-ground next year.

    Mostly now I am putting energy into my new native shrub garden. This is going in where we used to have about 10 red oaks. Should be fun tracking down the various shrubs that are native to the Northeast. I found some nice blueberry bushes…

    See ya all in November. This is a great idea, bravo Kim! and nice to see Lori’s hybridizer’s bed at Nationals.

    Rebecca Nisley
    Avon, CT

    1. You can always bury your pot for now, Rebecca! When I got the Journal I thought, “I need to get that Dorothy and Toto!” I’m a sucker for doubles and hot colors. My garden is taken up by a large percentage of UFs, too, though. I’ll have to look for a pic of Bandito Rojo. Bloomed for the first time this year and it was the most stunning red ever!

  2. Hi
    I am a member of Country Gardeners of Glastonbury. I recently moved into a house with a difficult gardening situation. However daylilies will grow and do well. Our plant sale is at exactly the same time as yours. Would you consider letting me sort of pre- order with your club and pick up plants the day before. I know it may sound unusual but I will be at our sale from 7 until closing and just cannot get to yours.

    I am not a lily expert. I have some of the doubled orange ones and the Stella Dora, but would like to add some that are a very light yellow, some that are between orange and yellow, a scarlet red and some white. I would trust the judgement of your members to choose varieties. I’d be happy to take clumps of 12 to 15 inches of each so that they don’t have to be divided. They could just be put into plastic garbage bags to make it easy for you.

    I have no idea whether your club would consider this but thought Id ask. I would also want to join the society.
    Thanks for the consideration!’
    Janet Spaulding

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