Happy New Year and Two More Favorites

Happy 2013, everyone!  May this year bring you peace and prosperity, good health and good will to all!  I’m getting excited for another gardening season.  Whenever the winter holidays pass, I always feel like we are on the downhill slope toward spring.  We’ve turned that winter corner (pay no attention to the foot of snow out your windows–besides, it’s just the perfect blanket to keep those little spouts from heaving out of our beds).

I’m even contemplating starting some seeds indoors this year (despite my vows to never do it again a couple of years ago).  I may change my mind, not because my plants end up any bigger than the ones I direct sow, but because I am craving those little green shoots popping through recycled containers full of soil in my dining room.  No one eats there anyway, right?

Gary Jones was kind enough to send me two of his recommendations for well-behaved beauties.

First we have Life Is Good.

Life Is Good 2010

Hansen 2003 20″ ERe 5″ Tet Sev Lemon Cream Blend

This one appears to have quite an edge–chicken fat on its chicken fat.  The ruffles don’t seem to get in the way of opening, judging by the recurve on those petals!

Life Is Good edge

Gary’s next recommendation is Merlin’s Moth (Sobek 03, 48 ML 5.1, Black Self, Dor Dip)  I love the name on this one.  Who here has ever bought a daylily simply for its name?  I know I have, and I will again. 🙂

Merlin's Moth

Very pretty.  I love the contrast of the dark petals against that bright green triangle throat!  I’m also a Diploid fan, so this one is right up my alley.

Well, that’s it for now.  Don’t forget, we have a Jan. 26, 2013, 12pm Soup’s On Meeting with our Local Hybridizer Photo Show at the Avon, CT Senior Center.  Should be a greet gathering!  I can’t wait to see what gems our members have cooked up in their seedling beds!

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  1. From Russ Allen:
    Just started 4 trays of seeds from last year’s mainly self-crosses. It’s a New Year’s Day tradition that combines watching College Bowl Games and planting seeds — and hoping that no one scores a touchdown at the wrong time leading me to lose track of the proper labeling for my future seedlings! Our dining room window is a perfect place for starting seedlings for Spring planting.

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