CDS Officers, Executive Board Members, Committee Chairs

To Serve Terms of Two Years

CDS Executive Board


President Greg Haggett

Vice President and Program Chair Gary M. Jones

Secretary Charles Harvell

Treasurer Cheryl Fox

Executive Board Members

Linda Kozloski

Kim Krodel

Rebecca Nisley

Helen Nordvall

Committee Chairs 

AHS Liaison Gary Jones

Avon Town Liaison and Building U Charles Harvell

Babysitting Plants and Door Prizes Linda Kozloski

Hospitality, First Timer Packets Alexis Kuchel

Hospitality, Registration and Greeting Alexis Kuchel

Membership and Mailings Linda Kozloski and Kim Krodel

Outreach and Education Rebecca Nisley

Plant Sale Photos Linda Kozloski

Publicity Kim Krodel

Technology Kim Krodel and Rich Howard

Nominating Committee Greg Haggett, Linda Kozloski, Gary Jones

Region 4 Leadership:

Russ Allen – Director

Chris Petersen – President

Change Secretary to Charles HarvellDelete AuditorChange Avon Town Liaison and Building Use to Charles HarvellDelete Hospitality RefreshmentsChange Hospitality, Registration and Greeting to Alexis KuchelDelete Hospitality Set-upChange Membership and Mailings to LK and Kim KrodelDelete Plant Sale OfficersChange Nominating Committee to GH, LK, Gary JonesChange Region 4 Leadership to Chris Petersen – President