Plant Sale

May 20, 2023 – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Connecticut Daylily Society Annual Sale takes place at the Avon Senior Center, Sycamore Hills Park, 635 W Avon Rd, Avon, CT 06001. Cash or check, rain or shine!

CDS hosts an annual May plant sale at the Avon Senior Center. Our plants are member-grown, freshly dug, bare-root, hardy to our area, and very reasonably priced. This yearly event is a Farmington Valley fixture, with many CT residents making the trip every spring to see what new and exciting plants await them! Big, small, ruffled, spidery, doubled, eyed, patterned–you name it, we’ve got it! Our sale runs from 10 am to 2 pm, and early birds get the best selection. We give bonus plants with every purchase, and often have a mix of hardy perennials available for sale as well!

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Our members are always ready and willing to answer your daylily questions! Check our Event Schedule page for exact sale date, and then mark your calendar for a fantastic daylily day!

Are you a CDS member who would like to downsize some of your big daylily clumps and make a little money? Half of our sale proceeds go to fund our club’s excellent educational programs and speakers, but donors get the other half of their plant’s earnings!

Cheryl Fox keeps our supply of plant tags and brings the roll to meetings leading up to our sale. We want only named varieties in blooming-size double fans, tagged in this manner:

Sample Daylily Tag

We love to offer variety to our customers, so please consider bringing some plants to the sale, especially if you’ve never done it before! It’s a great way to make a little cash to spend on…what else, but more daylilies!?

Want to bring your own daylilies to sell? Check out the below list of photos we’ve got premade, and let Linda K. know which tags you need by the first week of May!

CDS – 2023 PLANT SALE CULTIVAR FOR SALE LIST (with more available day of sale)

Alcazar (RL)

Angels in Newtown (Fox)

Arnold’s Daughter (GH)

Arrogant Bastard (Fox)

Articulate Matrix (Fox)

Asiatic Pheasant (RN)

At Sunset (GJ)

August Flame (GJ)

Aztec Headdress (Fox)

Beautiful Jealous Eyes (Fox)

Bela Lugosi (GJ)

Belle of Ashwood (RA)

Betsy Cronkite Memorial (Fox)

Beyond Rangoon (Fox)

Big George (GH)

Binders of Women (Fox)

Bombay Silk (Fox)

Bright Butterflies (Fox)

Candy Peanuts (GJ)

Carnival in Mexico (RA)

Castle Orchid Frostings (Fox)

Chance Encounter (RA)

Chance Encounter (GJ)

Connecticut Candy (GJ)

Daniel Mann (RA)

Diamond Dusted Borders (GH)

Different by Design (RA)

Don Diego (GJ)

Early Alibi (RL)

Early and Often (RN)

Early and Often (GJ)

Elizabeth Salter (GH)

English Cameo (GH)

Fanciful Candy (Fox)

Feeling Edgy (GJ)

Finally Letting Go (Fox)

Fox Point (RA)

Frances Joiner (GJ)

Frequent Comment (GJ)

Gental Admonitions (GJ)

Going Bananas (RA)

Grape Escape (GJ)

Greywoods River Dancer (GJ)

Heavenly Angel Ice (GJ)

Heidi Is Happy (GJ)

Highland Pinched Fingers (GJ)

Howdy (RL)

I’ll Have Another (RA)

Its Bitsy Spider (RA)

Janet’s Glory (RA)

Janice Brown (Fox)

Jocelyn (Fox)

Just a Stitch (Fox)

Katisue Herrington (RA)

Key to My Heart (RA)

Key West (Fox)

Leebea Orange Crush (RA)

Lime Frost (Fox)

Little Dandy (Fox)

Little Heavenly Angel (RA)

Little Pleasure (Fox)

Longlesson Showoff (RA)

Laura Harwood (RL)

Lawrence Edwin Jones (GJ)

Little Miss Fish Breath (GJ)

Long Sands (GJ)

Love at First Bite (GJ)

Lyrical Ballad (RA)

Malaysian Monarch (RA)

Mango Chutney (GH)

Mike Huben red (not registered) (GJ)

Magic Amethyst (GJ)

Matt (RA)

Moses’ Fire (GH)

My Complimentary (RA)

Neon Flamingo (RA)

Orange Heat (GJ)

Paige Piñata (RA)

Palladian Pink (GJ)

People’s Pleasure Park (GJ)

Pinhill August Sunset (GJ)

Pink Cotton Candy (Fox)

Prairie Sunset (RL)

Prince of Purple (GJ)

Priscilla’s Dream (RA)

Purple Rain (Fox)

Red Light District (Fox)

Red Monarch (Fox)

Red Volunteer (RN)

Ruffles Have Ripples (GH)

Sacco and Vanzetti (Fox)

Scarlet Pimpernell (RA)

Sleepy Hollow (Fox)

Small World Christmas at the North Pole (GJ)

Smuggler’s Gold (GJ)

Spacecoast Spice Girl (GJ)

Starlight Express (RL)

Stoplight (Fox)

Stream of Consciousness (Fox)

Summer Re-Run (RA)

Take Me Along (GJ)

Thrillseeker (Fox)

Touch of Autumn (GJ)

Tyger River (GJ)

Vampire Academy (GJ)

Vanilla Stella – ratty (GJ)

Vatican City (GH)

Vein of Riches (GJ)

Vision of Glory (GH)

Women Seeking Men (Fox)

Yuletide Magic (RA)


Abbot’s Magic
Absolute Treasure
Abstract Art
Addie Branch Smith
Addis Ababa
Age of Aquarius
Ain’t She Nice
Al Abel
Alabama Jubilee
All American Chief
All Fired Up
Allegheny Sunset
Allen Wild
Always a Pleasure
Always Afternoon
America’s Most Wanted
American Original
Amethyst Art
Anchors Aweigh
Angel Fire
Angels in Newtown
Anna Warner
Annie Armstrong
Ansel Adams
Antique Rose
Apache War Dance
Appalachian Sunset
Apricot Jade
Apricot Sparkles
April in Paris
Arc of Doves
Arnold’s Daughter
Art Gallery Fringe
Articulate Matrix
Artist Etching
Asian Artistry
Athena’s gift
Athena’s Gift
Atlanta Moonlight
Atlanta Summer Joy
Attic Antique
Audacity Bound
August Flame
August Frost
Autumn Blaze
Autumn Minaret
Autumn Wood
Avante Garde
Awakening Dream
Awesome Blossom
Aztec Headdress
Baby Bear
Baby Blanket
Baby Blues
Bahama Butterscotch
Bama Bound
Banana Pepper Spider
Bandito Rojo
Bangkok Bay
Banned In Boston
Baracuda Bay
Barbara Mitchell
Barbary Corsair
Battle of Gettysburg
Bayou Bride
Bear Claws
Beautiful Edgings
Beauty to Behold
Becky Lynn
Bela Lugosi
Belle Epoque
Ben Lee
Bermuda Coral
Berry Patch
Bertie Ferris
Best Kept Secret
Betsy Cronkite Memorial
Betty Warren Woods
Betty Woods
Beyond the Sky
Bibbity Bobbity Boo
Big George
Big Kiss
Big Spender
Bill Baldwin Memorial
Bill Norris
Bimini Twist
Bittersweet Destiny
Black Eyed Stella
Black Eyed Susan
Black Friar
Black Plush
Blackberry Candy
Blessed Art Though
Blooms Within
Blue in the face
Blueberry Breakfast
Blueberry Frost
Blueberry Muffin
Bo Red
Bob White
Bold Red Eye
Bold Streaker
Bold Tiger
Boothbay Harbor Gold
Bordello Queen
Border Music
Brand New Lover
Brazilian Coral
Bridal Suite
Bridgeton Bonus
Bridgeton Folk Hero
Brilliant Circle
Broadway Angel
Broadway Dreamer
Brocaded Gown
Brookwood Black Kitten
Brown Witch
Buffy’s Doll
Bug’s Hug
Bull Durham
Burning Inheritance
But Now I See
Buttered Popcorn
Butterscotch Ruffles
By the Riverside
Calculated Ambiguity
Calgary Stampede
Camden Ballerina
Cameroons Twister
Canadian Border Patrol
Candy Crunch
Cape Porpoise
Captain Nemo
Carib. Frank League
Carib. Perfection Plus
Carib. Whipped Cream
Carmen Marie
Carnival Lady
Carolyn Criswell
Carpenter Shavings
Castle Camelot
Castle Double Nosegay
Cat Dancer
Chance Encounter
Changing Latitudes
Chantilly Ruffles
Charles Johnston
Charlie Pierce Memorial
Cherokee Pass
Cherry Candy
Cherry Cheeks
Cherry Eyed Pumpkin
Chesapeake Crablegs
Chesnut Pacer
Chestnut Mountain
Chestnut Pacer
Chevron Spider
Chicago Apache
Chicago Brave
Chicago Cherry
Chicago Peach
Chicago Royal
Chicago Ruby
Chicago Silver
Chief Black Hand
Chocolate Splash
Chorus Line
Chris Salter
Christian Fletcher
Ciara Marie
Ciel d’Or
Circle of Life
Circular Thinking
Claimed Blessing
Coleman Hawkins
Colleen Amber Morrison
Colorado Moonfire
Comanche Magic
Comic Strip
Cookie Caper
Copper Medallion
Copperhead (PQ)
Corinne Mann
Country Melody
Country SquireWP
Court Magician
Crack of Dawn
Cranberry Baby
Crazy Lace
Crazy Pierre
Create Your Dream
Crown Royal
Crystal Pinot
CT Candy
CT Red Hot
Curious George
Custard Candy
Cygnet Purple
Dallas Star
Dancing Shiva
Dandy Dave
Daniel Mann
Daring Deception
Daring Dilemma
Dark Magician
Darker Shade
Dashing Prince
David Kirchoff
Days of Olde
De Colores
Dead Ringer
Decateur Cherry Smash
Decatur Festival
Definitely Maybe
Derrick Cane
Destined to See
Devonshire Cream
Diamond Sutra
Diamond Tiara
Diana Cobb
Diane Sevetson
Diane Susan Cote
Dick Bennett
Dinner & A Movie
Divine Comedy
Dixie Land (NP)
Don Diego
Don Stevens
Double Charm
Double Daffy
Double Misty Dawn
Double Old Ivory
Double Peacemaker
Douglas Clark
Dragon’s Eye
Dragon’s Orb
Dream Legacy
Dream World
Drums Along the Mohawk
Dublin Elaine
Dudly Daugherty
Duke of Earl
Early & Often
Ebony Jewel
Echo The Sun
Ed Brown
Ed Murray
Edge of Paradise
Edith Lewis
Eenie Allegro
Eggplant Escapade
Egyptian Queen
El Desperado
Eleanor Apps
Eleanor’s True Passion
Elegant Candy
Eliz. Frances Woodhall
Elizabeth Elaine
Elizabeth Salter
Elmore James
Embroidery Plus
Emerald Gown
Emperor’s Dragon
Enchanted Forest
Enchanting Esmerelda
Eskimo Island
Estrucan Tomb
Etched Eyes
Etched in Gold
Ethel Barfield Smith
Ethel Shepherd
Evening Enchantment
Exotic Echo
Exotic Love
Exotic Treasure
Exquisite Edge
Eye Declare
Eye Yi Yi
Fair Play
Fairest of Them
Fairy Tale Pink
Faith, Hope, Charity
Fan Club
Fancy Finish
Femme de Joie
Femme Fatale
Ferengi Gold
Festive Fall
Finlandia Gold
Fires of Fuji
First Crush
First Knight
First Officer’s Log
Fishers of Men
Flamenco Queen
Flat Faced Beauty
Florida’s Garden Light
Follow Your Dreams
Fooled Me
Forever Blowing Bubbles
Forever in Time
Forsyth Flamboyant
Forsyth Flamingo
Fox Point
Foxhaven Enigma
Fragrant Treasure
Frances Fay
Frances Joiner
Francis of Assisi
Frank Gladney
Frank Quillian
Frans Hals
French Tudor
Freudian Slip
G. Willikers
Gerald Lazar
Get Off My Tutu
Girl’s Night Out
Give Me Eight
Give Us a Kiss
Global Warming
Gloria Blanca
Gloria May
Going Bananas
Golden Illusions
Golden Prize
Golden Throne
Golly Wally
Good Morning America
Gordon Biggs
Grand Braids (NP)
Grape Harvest
Grape Splash
Graphic Illusion
Great Mercies
Green Flutter
Green Throated Robin
Green Widow
Greywoods Naut.Nellie
Greywoods Nautical Mile
Greywoods River Dancer
Gripping Power
Guiniver’s Gift
Hail Mary
Happy Returns
Heat Lightning
Heaven’s Glory
Heavenly Beginnings
Heavenly Breezes
Heavenly Dreams
Heavenly Fission
Heavenly United We Stand
Hee Hee
Heidi is Happy
Hello Dolly
Hello Sunshine
Hemmed in Purple
Highland Lord
Hot Ember
Hot Town
House of Orange
How Nice
Huckleberry Candy
Hudson Valley
Huntington Beach
Hush Little Baby
Ice Carnival
Illini Pacesetter
In The Heart of It All
In the Navy
Inca Toy
Indian Giver
Indy Rhapsody
Inherited Wealth
Inspired Edge
Inspired Word
It’s Soul Time
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Ivory Gown
J.T. Davis
Jade Princess
James Marsh
Jan’s Twister
Janet Benz
Janice Brown
Janie Wilson
Jan’s Twister
Jason Mark
Jason Salter
Jean Breakell
Jedi Dot Pierce
Jedi Free Spirit
Jen Melon
Jersey Spider
Jim’s Song
Joan Derifield
Joan Senior
John Coltrane
Jolyene Nichole
Jug of Wine
July Gold
Jungle Princess
Kanai Sensei
Katherine Caldwell
Kathleen Salter
Kathryn’s Black
Kayleigh Cobb
Kendra Janelle
Kensington Plantation
Key to My Heart
Kindly Light
King George
Kristina’s Kurls
Kylemore Reflection
La Belle Dame
La Dolce Vita
Lace and Promises
Lacy Knitter
Lady Cynthia
Lady Cynthia
Lady Eleanor
Lady Limelight
Lady Liz
Lady Neva
Lady Tiger
Lake Norman Sunset
Larry Grace
Last Picture Show
Late Honeybee
Late Summer Fling
Laura Harwood
Lavender Blue Baby
Lavender Blush
Lavender Illusion
Lavender Rainbow
Lavender Stardust
Lavender Tonic
Layers of Gold
Leading Edge NP
Leah Abbott
Leap of Faith
Ledgew. Evening Sunset
Leebea Orange Crush
Lemon Lulu
Lemonade Days
Licia Albanese
Light years Away
Lilac Morning
Lime Frost
Little Audrey
Little Business
Little Fat Dazzler
Little Fred
Little Grapette
Little Heavenly Angel
Little Miss Fish Breath
Little Red Warbler
Little Wine Cup
Lois Burns
Long Stocking
Longlesson Capehart
Longlesson Mango Glow
Longlesson Showoff
Look Here Mary
Love in the Library
Love Over Gold
Love Those Eyes
Lullaby Baby
Luminous Beauty
Lydia Bechtold
Lyrical Ballad
Made to Order
Madness to See
Mae Graham
Magic Amethyst
Magic Carpet Ride
Magic Dawn
Magic Dimples
Magic of Oz
Magnificent Rainbow
Mahogany Belle
Maison Caree
Malasian Monarch
Mama’s Cherry Pie
Mango Chutney
Mango Chutney
Mapping Carolina
Marble Faun
Mardi Gras Parade
Marginal Way
Margo Reed Indeed
Margot Baldwin
Marietta Momento
Marilyn Siwik
Marked By Lydia
Mary Ethel Anderson
Mary Sue Mills
Mary Todd
Mary’s Gold
Mascara Snake
Mask of Time
Mata Hari
Mauna Loa
May May
Medieval Guild
Memories of Oz
Metaphysical Moment
Mexican Way
Midnight Magic
Mighty Highty Tighty
Mildred Mitchell
Milk Chocolate
Ming Porcelain
Mini Stella
Minnesota Morning
Minstrel’s Fire
Miss Jessie
Missy Michael
Mister Lucky
Mohican Chief
Monadnock Bgum Kisses
Monica Marie
Moon Over Ogonquit
Moonless Night
Moonlight Rhapsody
Moonlit Caress
Moonlit Masquerade
Moses’ Fire
Moulin Red Rouge
Mrs. London’s Apricot Tart
My Complimentary
My Melinda
Mynelle’s Starfish
Mystical Rainbow
Mystical Sphere
Nan Rehnquist
Nature Girl
Neon Embers
Neon Rainbow
New England Night
New Journey
New Note
New Series
Newberry Touch
Night Beacon
Night Dreams
Night Embers
Night Wings
Nite Air
Nordic Mist
Nordic Night
Not Guilty
Nut & Honey
Nutmeg Elf
Ocean Rain
Off to See the Wizard
Oh Great One
Old Port
Ole Ole
One Step Beyond
Optical Art
Orange Velvet
Orange Vols
Orchid Candy
Orchid Corsage
Oriental Opulence
Out of My Way
Palladian Pink
Pandora’s Box
Paper Butterfly
Parade of Peacocks
Pardon Me
Pardon Me Boy
Passion in Paris
Pastures of Pleasure
Patricia Neal
Patsy Bickers
Paula Heisen
Pawn of Prophecy
Peach Fairy
Peach Magnolia
Peacock Maiden
Pearl Cove
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Lewis
Pearlfisher Pink
Peppermint Parfait
Persian Market
Persian Pixie
Persian Ruby
Piece of Sky
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink Playmate
Pink Topping
Pink Waikiki
Pirate’s Promise
Pixie Beauty
Places I Have Never Been
Potion for Passion
Prairie Blossoms
Prairie Blue Eyes
Preppy Pink
President Hadley
Pretty Woman
Pride of Massachusetts
Primal Scream
Prince of Midnight
Prince of Thieves
Princess Ellen
Princess Moonbeam
Princess Pink Cheeks
Priscilla’s Dream
Psychic Oasis
Pumpkin Perfect
Purple Avenger
Purple de Oro
Purple Rain
Pursuit of Excellence
Pursuit of Pleasure
Putney Chutney
Quaker Gown
Queen of Angels
Queen of Everything
Queen’s Quest
Radar Love
Radiant Ruffles
Raging Tiger
Rain Man
Rainbow Candy
Rapid Eye Movement
Raspberry Candy
Raspberry Jubilee
Raspberry Pixie
Real Wind
Red Challenger
Red Eyed Rose
Red Grace
Red Grail
Red Magic
Red Peacemaker
Red Ribbons
Red Sox
Red Suspenders
Red Volunteer
Regal Finale
Resistance is Futile
Restless Heart
Rhythm and Blues
Riddle Me This
Ride the Tide
Ride the Wind
Right on Target
Rings and Things
Riot on the Kinderg. Bus
Riseman’s Flame
Risen Star
Rock Lobster
Rocket City
Rogue’s Masquerade
Roguish Imp
Role Model
Roll Tide
Rose Corsage
Rose Electra
Rose Emily
Rose Parfait
Rose Talisman
Rose Victorious
Roses in Snow
Rosy Returns
Royal Braid
Royal Corduroy
Royal Garnet
Royal Occasion
Royal Red Coachman
Royal Troubadour
Ruby Sentinel
Ruby Spider
Rue Madeline
Rufffled Vintage Burgundy
Ruffled Apricot
Ruffled Dude
Ruffled Ivory
Ruffled Vintage Burgundy
Ruffles and Ribbons
Russian Easter
Ruth Goldsin Mem.
Ryan Cobb
Sacred Drummer
Salem Witch
Sambo Wilder
Sammy Russell
Sandra Elizabeth
Saratoga Springtime
Savannah Debutante
Save the Children
Scarlet Tanager
Scarlett’s Web
Sea Swept Dreams
Sea Warrior
Seal of Approva
Second Thoughts
Secret Splendor
Seminole Wind
Seneca Coral Song
Shades of Summer
Shell Carving
Sherry Fair
Sherry Lane Carr
Shimmering Elegance
Silent Melody
Silk Mystique
Siloam Apple Blossom
Siloam Baby Doll
Siloam Bertie Ferris
Siloam Bo Peep
Siloam Bye Lo
Siloam David Kirchhoff
Siloam Doodlebug
Siloam Double Classic
Siloam Dream Baby
Siloam Ethel Smith
Siloam Fairy Tale
Siloam Gum Drop
Siloam Jim Cooper
Siloam Jim Terry
Siloam June Bug
Siloam Justine Lee
Siloam Little Girl
Siloam Merle Kent
Siloam Olin Frazier
Siloam Peewee
Siloam Plum Tree
Siloam Prissy
Siloam Purple Plum
Siloam Ralph Henry
Siloam Royal Prince
Siloam Russell Morgan
Siloam Shocker
Siloam Tiny Mite
Siloam Tiny Tim
Siloam Ury Winniford
Siloam Virginia Henson
Siloam Woody James
Silvery Swan
Simmering Elephants
Sinbad Sailor
Sm.World Snow Owl
Small Gesture
Smuggler’s Gold
Snow Frost Pink
Sounds of Silence
South Georgia Peaches
Space Wars
Spacecoast Bold Scheme
Spacecoast Starburst
Spacecoast Surprise
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection Spanish Glow
Speak of Angels
Special Candy
Spiced Sugar
Spider Breeder
Spider Miracle
Stakes Winner
Star so Bright
Starlet O’Hara
Starman’s Quest
Static Shock
Stella de Oro
Step Ahead
Stephanie Returns
Stippled Velvet
Storm Track
Storm Watch
Strawberry Candy
Strawberry Fields 4Evr
Strawberry Jazz
Strawberry Patch
Strawberry Rose
Strutter’s Ball
Sue Rothbauer
Sugar Plum Jam
Summer Blush
Summer Re-rerun
Sundance Truffle
Sunny Delight
Super Purple
Super Stella
Surprisingly Pink
Susan Weber
Suzie Wong
Suzy Creamcheese
Swashbuckler Bay Boy
Sweet Malinda
Sweet Southern Sunshine
Sweet Sugar Candy
Swirling Water
Swiss Legacy
Swiss Mint
Tall Angel
Tears of Love
Techy Peach Lace
Tender Love
Terrible Swift Sword
Texas Sunlight
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Theresa Hall (WP)
Thunderclap (NP)
Tiger Swirl
Tigereye Spider
Todd Monroe
Tonia Gay
Trial By Fire
Tribute to Mike
Triple Layer Cake
Tropic Sunset
Tropical Depression
Tropical Tangerine
Turned Up Nose
Tuscawilla Princess
Twilight in Tangiers
Twilight Madonna
Twist and Shout
Twist of Lemon
Two Part Harmony
Two to Tango
Umbrella Parade
Under the Wire
Untamed Glory
Valley Forge
Valley Monster
Vatican City
Vein of Riches
Velvet Champion
Velvet Shadows
Vera Biaglo
Very Nice Indeed
Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
Victoria Park
Victorian Collar
Victorian Days
Vintage Bordeaux
Volusian Pirate
Wake Robin
Walking on Sunshine
Watermelon Man
Watership Down
Watusi Warrior
Webster’s Pink Wonder
Wedding Band
Well of Souls
Westward Wind
Which Way Jim
White Lemonade
White Perfection
White Temptation
White Tie Affair
White Zone
Wild Mustang
Will Return
William Austin Norris
Wilson Spider
Windham Lemonade Stand
Winds of Love
Wineberry Candy
Wings of Chance
Winter Chill
Winyah Dark Edge
Wisest of Wizards
Witch’s Thimble
With Bells On
Woman’s Scorn
Women Seeking Men
Woodside Bouquet
Woodside Romance
Woodside Ruby
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yazoo Wild Violet
Yellow Pinwheel
Yukon Spring
Zada Mae