Sheltara: Garden of the Week & Other News

We are proud to report that on Saturday, 12/16, Charlotte Chamitoff–keeper of Charlotte’s Daylily Diary–featured Sheltara! The phenomenal garden of Frank & Helene Ferrari is currently the International Garden of the Week!

Click here to page through all of the glorious photos, courtesy of CDS President and photog, Greg Haggett.

Below are two of the photos included in the feature. The first is the Japanese bridge, with daylilies in the background and waterlilies in the foreground. It is reflective of Monet’s garden in Giverny.

IMG_1608 (1)IMG_1516 (1)
Above is one of Helene’s many lovely seedlings.

Hop over to Charlotte’s site to enjoy this spectacular garden! Many thanks to Helene for sharing her garden with us!


Think the Monet likeness is incredible? You should see what Ken Yardley, member of the Ontario Daylily Society, did with the same photo from Helene and Frank’s garden:

Ken Yardley

Perfecto! Isn’t photo-editing software the coolest?

ginny pierce

Here’s another modified photo courtesy of Ginny Pearce. Enjoy!


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The Winter AHS Journal should be winging its way to your mailbox any day now–if it hasn’t already arrived. Keep an eye out for my Scouting Initiative article, “Big Ideas for Little Hands” and let me know what you think! I’d love to get more CDS members on board for hosting Boy or Girl Scouts in their gardens! 🙂


  1. I remember this garden quite well when it was on tour for Region 4 some years ago. It is the kind of garden you can spend a day in and still miss things.

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