Garden Visits & Great Performers

Rebecca and I visited Robin Lensi’s garden a few weeks ago. It was quite a treat–Robin has created an incredible oasis in record time. If you missed her open garden, you can read about her garden transformation on her blog.

And here are a couple of shots Rebecca took:

me and robin
Kim and Robin


Robin stopped by my house a few days later and took some lovely pictures despite the blistering heat:

Kim Krodel Daylilies-14Kim Krodel Daylilies-19Kim Krodel Daylilies-22Kim Krodel Daylilies-32Kim Krodel Daylilies-34Kim Krodel Daylilies-35Kim Krodel Daylilies-37Kim Krodel Daylilies-41 (1)Kim Krodel Daylilies-16

Russ also shares a few photos of his best garden performers this summer:

Fox Point - Culver '02
Fox Point – Culver ’02
Lady Bandit - Culver '04
Lady Bandit — Culver ’04
Winyah Dark Edge - Roycroft '99
Winyah Dark Edge – Roycroft ’99
Janet's Glory - Limmer '08
Janet’s Glory — Limmer ’08

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