Helene’s Open Garden & Nesmith Award Winner

Here are some shots from Helene Ferrari’s open garden. I should have brought my real camera since some of these are hazy and my phone is being picky about which ones it will email. Anyway, here’s what I could send to myself:20150712_140157 20150712_142547 20150712_142555 20150712_14263620150712_13430220150712_135149

Connecticut Red Hot

20150712_14515720150712_14513620150712_14504620150712_14503120150712_14282220150712_14380520150712_14264220150712_14271320150712_14272320150712_14272820150712_14465320150712_145229 20150712_145238 20150712_145307 20150712_145411

And here’s a small taste from the Region 4 meeting: the winner of the Nesmith Award for the best daylily clump in our display gardens from a Region 4 hybridizer.

Lord Trickster from Brian Culver ’05

Lord Trickster - B Culver '05 Winner of Nesmith Award!
Lord Trickster – B Culver ’05 Winner of Nesmith Award!

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