Seedlings & More!

Here’s a seedling from Richard Daniel:


I’d adore a black daylily, so I hope that’s where he’s headed with this. 😉

And how about Richard’s daylily bed in bloom? Amazing!


Here’s his ‘Catherine Murray’ in Tina’s garden:
IMG_0823 (1)

Just gorgeous!

Here’s my El Desperado x Julie Newmar seedling. I’m considering registering this since it’s such a solid workhorse in the garden and I like its face. I have it in a dry, shady spot and it’s still full of buds and standing up straight.

Julie Newmar x El Desperado

Here’s a seedling from Queen’s Circle. Fun to look at, but badly behaved:


This is a seedling that got chomped by deer last year, so I missed the first bloom. The scapes are great, but the face is sorta oddly shaped, gaudily colored, and retro-looking. I gave it a closer look today and it was suddenly more interesting:


20150717_105712It’s hard to see, but there are purple freckles all over the petals. It’s also heavily diamond dusted, so the purple pinpricks appear rather glittery. This is a cross between Lady Neva and Dragon’s Eye. Here’s a sibling:

20150717_105815It’s harder to see the spots against the orange, but this one has them, too. I looked closely at Lady Neva and she has a few speckles on the tips of her petals, so I’m assuming she’s the culprit.

Not that I was planning to breed for stippling, but when in Rome… I crossed it with another stippled seedling that popped up out of Galaxy Explosion and Prague Spring. Both are branched like coat racks, so at the very least they’ve got some good habits in their genes.


I didn’t get to attend the Regional because of other commitments, but I’d love to post any photos people send me.

I was fortunate enough to visit Helene’s phenomenal open garden last week, and took loads of pictures. I’ll work on getting them posted this week. 🙂

Stay cool, everyone!

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