A Few More Blooms

David Brown sends us a shot of his first bloom of the season, Ruby Star:

Ruby Star from David Brown

And Marifran Hiltz offers snapshots of Bob Sobek’s Three Seasons which started blooming for her a week ago:

Three Seasons 5-24-15

Three Seasons closeup 5-26-15

Gold Dust at my house (Thanks, Rebecca!)

20150531_095657Above is a scape on Get Off My Tutu (Mauck, 09). Its sibling, Inez Morgan Echerd, also has one up. GOMT is listed as an early, and IME as an extra early, so I guess they aren’t flukes. I just acquired both last year and have used pollen from GOMT in a few spidery double crosses. Looking forward to using both for breeding this season–guess I better check my freezer for pollen because I won’t have much else blooming. 😉

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