Way to Go, Team CDS!

We did it! Thanks to everyone who pulled together to make the 2015 sale a success. Now, on to the Regional…

Tina working hard pre-sale.
Tina working hard pre-sale.
Rebecca's first DL bloom of the season.
Rebecca’s first bloomer of the season.

Here are a few shots from my garden this morning:

Japanese tree peony “Kamata-nishiki”

And a surprise daylily bloom! Here’s Streaker. It actually rebloomed late for me last October, and sent a super early scape up this spring. So far, it wins the overachiever award in my garden. I *believe* I got this one from Diana Tuppeny, so it makes me smile all the more.


Here’s my kitty and my diploid registry from last year, Should Have Zagged (White Stripe x Heavenly Angel Ice). It’s got a nice shock of white on the side and sporadic striping all over.

Mufasa and Should Have Zagged
Mufasa and Should Have Zagged

I’m thrilled to have a striped seedling from SHZ popping up. It’s crossed with a lovely pink spider seedling out of Isabelle Rose (and something I should have written down, but can’t seem to find in my record book, darn it). I can’t wait to see it bloom. The stripes are more creamy yellow on this one, and of course time will tell if they stick. It’s got a case of spring sickness, too, poor baby.


By en:James Montgomery Flagg (Image:Unclesamwantyou.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Anyway, don’t forget to send in your Regional registration if you haven’t yet, and take a look around your gardens for auction plant donations–many hands, light work, and all that jazz. We need all the help we can get, so ask how you can get involved so we can have the best regional meeting possible!

Also, feel free to email me your garden photos to share with everyone. 🙂




  1. Hi Kim, I bought a few clumps in Avon. I am praying they grow. I have trouble growing a Chia pet.
    I don’t know if this is out of place but at Garden clubs I sell the Deer NoNo to the clubs for $15.00
    They sell it for usually $35.00. I take back what they don’t sell. If that interests your group I will be more than accommodating. NO PRESSURE just a way to make a few dollars.
    Please let me know.

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