It’s Indoor Time, Baby!

That’s right! Time to take the gardening indoors if you live in CT. Of course, earlier this week we had gorgeous weather and I had the windows open in November (cough, cough, global warming) but we can’t expect that to last. Around here, we can really only expect the unexpected, and then that probably won’t happen if we’re ready for it. 😉 With nearly everything faded outside, I’m already thinking about buying some new plants for spring delivery, but in the meantime, I’ll go back to watering my indoor beauties and I’ll post these lovely pics from Richard Daniel.


This reminds me of a lipstick plant, but I don’t think it is. Beautiful indoor color, huh?



What a bright and beautiful space! So perfect for plants!



Love this variegated Datura! Amazing!DSC06743


Thanks so much for sharing, Richard! And everyone else, feel free to send along your bloomers!



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