Late to the Party

Last month Marifran Hiltz sent me a few shots of her new acquisition Late to the Party (Chrichton, Dip, 2004, 28, ML, 5.5, Sev) which is out of Laura Harwood x Northwyn Purple Flash. This plant is appropriately named considering when I’m getting it posted. 😉

Late to the Party first bloom 8-2-14X


Late to the Party First Bloom closeup 8-2-14X


Also, Russ and Gary were having a dialog about a few Gossard plants Russ had gotten last spring.

Russ said: “While some of his cultivars had clearly bloomed prior to arrival in my Conn garden and didn’t bloom this summer for me, a couple definitely did, including the attached photos of Heavenly White Eyes Pink Dragon and Heavenly Neon Flamingo — both of which I began using a bit in this summer’s hybridizing efforts.  I look forward to seeing how Heavenly Angel Ice, United We Stand, and Heavenly Curls do next Spring!”

Here is Heavenly White Eyes Pink Dragon:



And Heavenly Neon Flamingo:




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