More Pretties!

Continuing on with the lovely photos Linda K. contributed…

Burmese Jade


Above is Burmese Jade (Pierce, 2012)

And below we have Blue Wrangler (Pierce, 2o12)


Blue Wrangler


Dragon Heart Stone (below) lives up to its name (Peterson 2013).


Dragon Heart Stone


Dragonfly Dawn (Trimmer 2010) has subtle but lovely blues.

Dragonfly Dawn

Greywoods Katz Kando2


Above is Greywoods Katz Kando (Wilkinson, 2013)

and below we have Geometric Wizardry (Salter 2012)

Geometric Wizardry


Ivory Lace (Holley 2012) is a delicate beauty.

Ivory Lace


Increased Complexity (Gossard, 2006) is below.

Increased Complexity

Pirate’s Prism (Stamile-Pierce 2011) is next:

Pirate's Prism


And here is Printmaker (Lambertson, 2012):



Finally, we have a few of Rich Howard’s amazing intros…

Rorshach Test


Above and below is Rorschach Test (Howard, 2013). What do you see? The Mothman?

Rorshach Test2

Below is Waggle Dance (left, Howard, 2013), and Wallingford Bling Bling (Howard, 2014).

Waggle Dance, Wallingford Bling Bling

Waggle Dance up close and personal:

Waggle Dance



That’s it for now! Feel free to send me your garden shots to share! 🙂

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