A Bunch of Things

First of all, wonderful meeting yesterday!  Thanks so much to Richard Howard for giving us a virtual tour of his garden and providing all of the lovely auction/door prize plants. Rich’s website is here, in case anyone wants to give it a closer look (and do go visit–it’s worth the trip from anywhere!).  Also, he made mention of The Lily Auction. It’s like eBay for daylily addicts. If you haven’t already been sucked into the vortex, try it. You’re gonna love it. 😉 I plan to go over there and spend money as soon as I’m done here.

We also spoke about the CT Flower Show coming up on Feb. 20-23rd at the Connecticut Convention Center. I’m sure we can find a spot for you to help man/woman our booth if anyone has an interest in free admission! It’s totally worth the effort, and great fun to chat with fellow flower enthusiasts and get in the mood for spring. Nothing gets me more jazzed to get my hands dirty than strolling around an enormous building full of blooming landscapes. Sigh.

7-1-12 N59

Additionally, we mentioned the 2015 Regional and how Cheryl Fox is hosting the Stanley Saxton bed at her tour garden. Any hybridizers who are interested in having one or more (up to three) of their unregistered seedlings featured and evaluated in the Saxton bed, please leave a comment here and I’ll forward your contact info to Cheryl, or you may contact her directly.

Finally, there was mention of our recruitment initiative for the club.  In an effort to represent CDS on social media, I’ve taken the liberty of registering a Twitter handle for CDS —@CTdaylilyclub. Our brand new Twitter page can be found here. If you utilize Twitter, please follow us, and I will make an effort to follow back in a timely fashion. It would be fantastic to see some familiar faces and hopefully reach out to like-minded people in the area (and everywhere!).  I’ve also added a Facebook account for CDS. Please friend it here: https://www.facebook.com/ct.daylilysociety if you are on Facebook. I’m not sure how active I will be over on both of them since I already have a ton of time-sucks, but I’ll try to pop in and post updates to the blog over there. That way you can share those with your Facebook friends and help spread the word.

Thanks for playing along, everyone! 🙂


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