Have You Seen Your Region 4 Newsletter, Yet?

If not, move that to the top of your reading pile!  You’ll see a number of familiar faces, as well as articles by three of our members!

Rebecca Nisley wrote a wonderful piece on our annual sale, with tips for other clubs to emulate that which we have down to a fine science. 🙂

Lori-Ann Jones submitted a detailed piece on hybridizing.

And the Szarek’s shared what has become of their high-maintenance swimming pool!

So if you haven’t already, sit down with a coffee or steaming hot cocoa and enjoy a breath of summer in the latest Region 4 offering.

Oh, and one more thing: as the CT flower show approaches, Rebecca and I will be asking for member photos that fit with our theme this year. The Cool of the Day makes us think of flowers with names that have certain key words such as cool (obviously), afternoon (got a gorgeous shot of that favorite Always Afternoon?), dawn, evening, or something with a water mention.

5-30-09 F23Also, do any of you club members have a water feature surrounded by daylilies? Please give myself or Rebecca a shout out–we want your pictures! Pretty please with sugar on top?

Here’s a list we compiled to get you thinking of what you may have. Keep in mind, we are open to any plants with names that suit, so long as you have a quality photo.


Afternoon Blues

Afternoon Cocktail

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Glow

Always Afternoon


Cool Acres

Cool Blue

Cool Breeze

Cool Cat

Cool Chemistry

Cool Clear Water

Cool Confections

Cool Coral

Cool Delight

Cool Island Breeze

Cool Jazz

Cool Moon Rising

Cool Morning Mist

Cool Streams

Cool Summer Breeze

Cool Twister


Double Misty Dawn

After the Dawn

Dawn Bouquet

Dawn’s Echo

Dawn’s Frolic

Daybreak Fantasy

Daydream Believer


Evening Concerto

Evening Elegance

Evening Enchantment

Evening Solitude


Fountain Tune


Misty Alps

Misty Lavender


Moon Dazzle

Moon Dust

Moon Indigo

Moon Music

Moon Twilight

Moon Witch


Moonlight Rhapsody

Moonlit Caress

Moonlit Pearls

Moonstruck Madness


Morning Cloud

Morning Colors

Morning Cheerfulness

Morning Dawn

Morning Grace

Morning Loveliness

Morning Pearls

Morning Serenade


Twilight Rose

Twilight Secrets

Twilight Star

Thanks, Stay Warm, and Happy Holidays,


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