Great Performers 2013

Thank you, Russ, for sending photos of your great performers of 2013!

First we have Stamile’s Mystical Rainbow (’96)

Mystical Rainbow - Stamile
Mystical Rainbow – Stamile

Here is Beautiful Edgings (Copenhaver, ’89). I grow this one myself, but I think it would like to get moved to a sunnier spot. Love the coloration on this gorgeous plant.

Peach Magnolia (Joiner, ’86) is another workhorse.

Peach Magnolia

And Astral Voyager takes Russ’ garden to a whole ‘nother dimension (did you see what I did there?). So stinkin’ pretty!

Astral Voyager (M. Mason, '00)
Astral Voyager (M. Mason, ’00)

All American Chief (Sellers, ’94) deserves to be hailed.

All American Chief (Sellers, '94)

And finally, Shores of Time (Stamile, 02) withstands the test of time.

Shores of Time

Thanks for sharing your lovely shots and recommendations, Russ. Anyone else have any great garden performers from this past year? Send them my way! 🙂


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