More Pretty Faces

Hope everyone who attended had a great time at the meeting on Saturday!  I know I thoroughly enjoyed Mike Grossman’s program. It made me want to go bid on some toothy seed over on the Lily Auction.

With Autumn upon us and cooler weather around the bend, don’t forget to check NBC Connecticut/WVIT or when weather is questionable. We will be sure to post meeting closings with them.

And remember, I’d love to be sent any photos you want to share with the group. Late bloomers? Star performers? How about a daylily with a name or color scheme that fits with the Flower Show theme for this year: Cool of the Day?  Hit me up with your ideas and pictures!

Richard Daniel sent a gorgeous shot of two of his seedlings:


I love the bluish watermark on that purple, Richard! And the edge on that left bloom is huge!


From Russ Allen we have a mid/late bloomer to prolong the season: “Bobbie Brooks’ Simply Scintillating, reg. 2004, performed quite well for me.  The last bloom was Aug. 31st, and they really are quite charming and distinctive.”
????????????????????????????????????It can be tough to get a variety of colors come late August, and this is a pretty pink to do the job.  Love the twist!

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