Prepping for a Spring Sale in Late Summer

Gary Jones sends us a blurb on his plant sale late-summer division technique:


You are looking at 98 pots containing 110 double fans of daylilies for the 2019 CDS Daylily Sale. This is what works for me. At the time of the sale I find digging and dividing too strenuous and time consuming. And my fresh divisions do not look so good. So I do my digging and dividing for the sale in the last two weeks in August when the ground is dryer and the tick problem is diminished if not gone. My goal is to have this done by Labor Day. The pots are 7” deep, 6-1/2” across at the top. The bed holds the 98 pots in 14 rows, 7 pots per row. At the time of the CDS Sale, “all” I have to do is take the daylilies out of the pots, shake off the soil over a stand-up sifter, trim, label, and wash. That takes me two or three afternoons. The soil is returned to the bed. I do add peat moss and some of whatever soil enhancers I have left over. I cover the bed with landscape fabric for the summer so it is ready for next August. And the daylilies are looking good at the time of the CDS Daylily Sale.


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