September Blooms

Russ sends a couple of late-bloomer photos:

Linda Bell - Bell '12
Linda Bell
5A Simply Scintillating - BB Brooks '04rla
Simply Scintillating
Sandra Elizabeth - D Stevens '83
Sandra Elizabeth

Here are a few of my last bloomers:

‘Final Touch’ – had many poly blooms this year
‘Paradise Road’ – slow increaser for me, but puts on a lovely late show
‘Just Plum Happy’ – Not my favorite face, but blooms and blooms in typical Apps fashion
Rebloom on ‘Egyptian Queen’

How about your garden? Any blooms left? Feel free to send me your late-flowering pics, or any favorite photos from this past season–I’d be happy to show them off!

And don’t forget our meeting this Saturday, 9/30/17! Be at the Avon Senior Center at noon for a delicious potluck lunch followed by Charlie Zettek’s presentation!

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