More Member-Bred Plants!

Pat Sayers shares a few of her new intros with us:

Eight Flying Cranes
‘Eight Flying Cranes’ is a high percent poly.
Dancing Like a Banshee
‘Dancing Like a Banshee’ is so much fun and early.
‘Whispering Pink Flamingo’ is just so bright and pretty.

Thanks for sending your photos, Pat! They are lovely!

Seedlings Du Jour
Seedlings Du Jour

Russ Allen likes to “bring a selection of seedling blooms into the house each morning during bloom season on a plastic plate.  I try to pick the best seedling blooms for each day to admire inside…”

They are a delicious-looking display, that’s for sure, Russ!

Here are a few seedlings from my garden:



(Courting Trouble x Tom Adams) x (Ledgewood’s Dragon Fly x Dreams Come Through) See parent seedlings below:

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