AHS Convention Photos & More!

We’ve got a variety of eye candy for you all today! Let’s start with a shot from the pre-sale digging party at Helene Ferrari’s:

CDS Digging Party at Helene Ferrari Garden

Thanks for all your hard work digging plants for the sale, everyone! And thank you to Helene for donating to the cause. ❤ What a fabulous team!


And from Russ, photos from the AHS Convention:

AHS National Convention in Norfolk, VA

Frightening! I’m glad everyone made it out alive! 😉
Tidewater Elf - S Holmes 2012
Tidewater Elf: Award winning clump for overall President’s Cup
Mystic Pizza - Cochenour 2003
Best red: Mystic Pizza

Wesbourne Christmas Fruit Punch - Meadows 2009Gary Jones Bus Mate

Old Time Memories - Carpenter 2004
Old Time Memories by Carpenter

Garden View - Alone with Friends

Thanks for the virtual tour, Russ!

And from David Brown, a few of this earliest bloomers:

Pink Embers 100_6881
Pink Embers
Symphony Chorus 100_6872
Symphony Chorus


Upswing 100_6876



Here are a few early birds from my garden. Many are new this year, so their internal clocks likely haven’t adjusted to CT yet.

Substantial Returns (Reeder 2016)


lavendar blue baby
Lavender Blue Baby (Carpenter-J., 1996)
Linda (Stout 1936)
Tiger Blood (Heemskerk 2012)
Isolde (Lambert 1981)
Ancient Elf (Gossard 2007)
Solemn Oath (Emmerich 2015)


Here’s a shot of the lovely ‘Pawprints on My Heart’ (Howard 2011) growing in Rebecca’s garden:



Keep those photos coming! 🙂

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