Spectacular Spring Gardens!

Robin Lensi (of Lensi Designs Photography) sends a preview of her garden–which will be part of our open garden tour this summer! Don’t forget to mark your calendars as soon as the final schedule comes out. Why not take a day off from digging holes to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor? Or maybe share your own special space with garden enthusiasts?

Gardens are the ultimate form of artistic expression–living things sculpted and tamed with precision, or sown with a laissez–faire hand and permitted to roam free–so perfectly unique to the land they grow on and the people and pollinators who tend them. I adore collecting ideas for my own garden when visiting others! Sometimes it’s the juxtaposition of colors or forms, sometimes the reminder that I should add more of a certain species, and sometimes visiting an open garden equals just the right amount of physical and mental reinvigoration I need to get back to work at home.

Viewing other gardeners’ labors of love is the best sort of garden refreshment, and opening your oasis for others to enjoy is an elating experience. Do we delight in our own gardens? Absolutely! But sharing the beauty we’ve meticulously, tirelessly, and lovingly cultivated engenders a special sort of gratification.

Consider visiting or hosting an open garden this summer—I guarantee you’ll end the day a more fulfilled gardener!

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What stunning photos, Robin! Makes me realize my garden is woefully deficient of large alliums! Those big purple globes are to die for!

~~~~                                                       ~~~~                                                ~~~~

Marifran Hiltz also sends images of her irises this spring, now mostly done blooming in TN:

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Gorgeous, Marifran! I need more irises too! They really get the season going, don’t they? I received a catalog from Schreiner’s this spring and was soooo tempted… Your photos confirm what I suspected–I’ll need to remove more grass this fall just to make some iris room.  😉

Keep on digging and sending in your pictures!




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