Kim & Rebecca’s Excellent Adventure

Way back in September, when flowers still rallied for a final hoorah and Old Man Summer continued to blow his scorching breath over our thirsty lawns, Rebecca and I took a field trip to Rich Howard’s CT Daylily Garden in Wallingford. We toured Rich’s greenhouse, where daylily blooms as big as our faces towered over us, and it was a stroll through paradise.

Me making a face



Rich posing per Rebecca’s orders

Rebecca and I both walked away with fabulous purchases–and unbelievably generous bonus fans–and I was fortunate enough to receive a seedling Rich thought would work well in my spidery doubles program! So exciting! It was a lovely trip. I’d encourage anyone to plan a visit to Rich’s garden next spring–you won’t regret it!

After getting our daylily fix, Rebecca and I segued to Natureworks in Northford. We both scooped up a few perennials we couldn’t resist (daylilies need companions, after all!), inspected Nancy DuBrule-Clemente’s fascinating display of monarch butterfly chrysalises and caterpillars, and headed home very satisfied customers.

All photos courtesy of Rebecca Nisley



All in all, it was a wonderful day and made me realize I need to plan many more excellent adventures for 2017!


Just a quick reminder that our November meeting is tomorrow, Saturday 11/5/16! Lunch starts at noon, and Pat Sayers will take the stage with her “Oldies But Goodies” program at 1 pm. We meet at the Avon Senior Center/Sycamore Hills Recreation Center, 635 West Avon Road (Rt. 167) at the junction of Sycamore and Scoville Roads. Pat Sayers will auction 24 daylilies (with 50% of proceeds going to the club) for May delivery, so don’t forget your checkbooks!

Unfortunately, a death in the family precludes me from attending, but I hope to see everyone in January.

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