Late Bloomers, Rebloomers, & More!

Lauren and Helen Nordvall share a few late blooms with us:

Final Touch (Apps, 1991)
Dune Dumpling (Pauley, 1972)
Jean (McDade-Schreiner, 1943)


I have a number of rebloomers extending my daylily show–I believe the early spring fooled a few flowers into thinking they were down south. 😉 ‘May May’ and ‘Rosy Returns’ have been going strong most of the summer. ‘Mister Lucky’ rebloomed again this year, and ‘Going Bananas’ (new last fall) has another scape coming up right now. Here are a few reblooms I snapped photos of:

Amethyst Art x Firefly Frenzy
Streaker (McKinney, 1974) Reliably rebloomed multiple years now
Tropical Depression x Amethyst Art (taken 3 weeks ago)
April LaQuinta (Petit, 2006) Rebloom Scape

It ain’t over till it’s over!


Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting this past Saturday, and extra special thanks to the members who pitched in to make it great! Despite a bit of booking confusion and a scramble at the beginning, everything came together for a wonderful meeting. Much gratitude to Karol Emmerich for making the trip and sharing her invaluable “Life Lessons from the Daylily Garden” as well as her gorgeous plants. I can’t wait to see ‘Solemn Oath’ growing in my garden!

Karol and our chauffeur extraordinaire, Gary.


Stay tuned for info on our Nov. 5, 2016 meeting featuring Pat Sayers of Whispering Hills Garden in Huntington, NY. Mark your calendars for another great daylily day!

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