Featured Garden

Marifran Hiltz sends us 10 shots of her TN blooms and beds:

MEP 6-28-16
Morgan Elizabeth Platt
Autumn Minaret 7-11-16
Autumn Minaret
Ebony and Ivory 7-11-16
Ebony and Ivory
Fawn smells the Coleus 7-11-16
Fawn Smells the Coleus 🙂
Holding Bed 7-11-16
Holding Bed
Mascara Snake 7-11-16
Mascara Snake
Orange Clown 7-11-16
Orange Clown
Ruffled Vintage Burgundy 7-11-16
Ruffled Vintage Burgundy
Sweet Country Woman 7-11-16
Sweet Country Woman
Waves Become Wings 7-11-16
Waves Become Wings


Stay tuned for more featured gardens, and send your favorite 10 pics to me to have your flowers on display! k m priebe @ hot mail . com (no spaces)


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