Photos from the AHS National Meeting & CDS Summer Meeting Reminder

Russ sends us a teaser from the national!

Thanks for sharing, Russ. Wish I could have been there!

IMG_6458 (1)

Carousel Princess - Soules '79
Carousel Princess – Soules ’79
Stargate Portal - Shooter '01
Stargate Portal – Shooter ’01
Heavenly Flight of Angels - Gossard '03
Heavenly Flight of Angels – Gossard ’03
Pufferfish - Gossard '06
Pufferfish – Gossard ’06
Sweet Yellow Truffle - Kirchhoff '09
Sweet Yellow Truffle – Kirchhoff ’09
Judi Romano - Kirchhoff '11
Judi Romano – Kirchhoff ’11
Great Red Heron - Kirchhoff '13
Great Red Heron – Kirchhoff ’13



Don’t forget our summer meeting is coming up! Here are the details:

On Sunday, July 17, 2016, the Connecticut Daylily Society will hold their annual meeting and summer picnic at O’Brien Nurserymen in Granby, CT. Meeting hours are 11 am to 2 pm.

Come enjoy a delicious potluck picnic before you roam John O’Brien’s picturesque landscape. O’Brien Nurserymen LLC, was founded in 1984 as a landscape design-and-install company.  From the very first, they provided customers with unusual specimen plants and a personal touch. As the years passed, they predominately landscaped shade gardens, and as a result focused on hosta varieties.  Hostas became a passion as their collection grew.  When a friend commented, “Wow! You have so many hostas, you should sell them!” the seed of an idea was planted.

O’Brien Nurserymen, LLC has since grown into New England’s premier hosta nursery.  Peruse their extensive display gardens and feast your eyes on 1,600 hosta varieties. Take in swathes of Asarum, Pulmonaria, Epimedium, and Arisaema. Stroll enchanting paths and be captivated by rare dwarf conifers and over a hundred Japanese maple varieties.

The sales area will be open for business during the picnic and features over 1100 hosta varieties in ready-to-take-home containers. You’ll also find dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, daylilies, Daphne, and more!

Don’t miss out on this chance to meet with friendly fellow garden enthusiasts, eat a perfect summer picnic, and see amazing plantings. No purchase required, but you may want to bring cash or checkbook in case you see a beauty you simply can’t leave behind.

O’Brien Nurserymen is located at 40 Wells Rd., Granby, Ct 06035, and online at

Please join the Connecticut Daylily Society for a fantastic afternoon of food, fun, and flowers!

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