Patriot Daylily Society Exhibition

Something New at the Daylily Show

From Patsy Cunningham

This summer the Patriot Daylily Society will be hosting the exhibition at the Tower Hill Botanic Center since New England will be hosting the Regional conference. It will be held on Saturday, July 16. You can see and download a copy of the show schedule at Exhibitors from all clubs are needed to make this a success.

The biggest change is that we’ve added a Design section to the show like we did 6 years ago. The design division is open to anyone. You are not expected to be an expert or an artist. I’ve put up 3 pdf files saved from Powerpoints on the website with daylily arrangement ideas to show you some of the interesting possibilities.

I know some people look at the class titles and say to themselves, how do I make an arrangement like, for instance, National Parks in class A? The class title is just something used to spark your imagination. For example, adding beach grass to a design if it is inspired by the Cape Cod National Seashore, or a geyser of daylilies for Yellowstone, or maybe add some moss or water to an arrangement for the Everglades.

Class B, Liberty for All, gives you the freedom to make a wild design or one with interesting lines or a feeling of motion. Here are a few lively ones:

Class C is a particularly easy one for a beginner. Take a look at the example below. You just need a small container (teacup, small bowl, a tunafish can painted black or?). Add a piece of moist oasis or attach a pin holder. Add a few nice pieces of foliage from your perennials or even bushes. Finally place a daylily bloom in the middle. I’ll provide pedestals to display them on.

We need to have at least 4 designs for each of the 3 classes so that exhibitors can compete for the Tricolor Award. The local winner of the Tricolor has their design entered for the national medal from the AHS. Please email patsygc @ g mail . com (no spaces) with questions or to sign up for one or more of the design classes! You’ll have fun, and the public loves arrangements!

Here are the 3 classes for the design section:

DIVISION IV: DESIGN : Theme- “Patriot Nation”

Section 1:  Eligible for the AHS Tricolor rosette.

Exhibit must include all fresh plant material with daylilies dominating. Weathered wood is not permitted.

Class A:  National Parks

Celebrate our National Parks anniversary with a design inspired by our national parks, seashores and forests staged in a 30” wide area. Choice of inspiration can be indicated on an index card.

Class B:  Liberty for All

A lively design celebrating freedom with your choice of design style staged in a 30” wide area.

Class C: One Nation

A smaller design utilizing only one daylily bloom. Other supplementary flowers and foliage may also be used. Design must not exceed 10” in any direction. Staged on a pedestal provided by the committee.


Patsy Cunningham

patsygc gmail com

Past President Patriot Daylily Society



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