After the Rain

David Brown sends us a few shots of his wet daylilies from Sunday morning:

"Fair Haven Charmer"
“Fair Haven Charmer”
"Pink Embers"
“Pink Embers”
"Farmington Seedling"
“Farmington Seedling”

And here’s This Soul of Mine blooming on Monday. Dave says:

“My wife Ruth and I won door prizes from Michael Bouman, which we picked up in May at the sale.  One of them, This Soul of Mine, has bloomed already.”

Michael describes it as:  “This Soul of Mine (2013) (Catalina X Virginia B. Hanson)  Tetraploid, 6″, 28″, Dor, EM, 5 branches, 22 buds, fertile both ways. Ruffled pink alabaster with a gently reflexed surface; muted rouge halo and a silver lavender midrib above a yellow to green throat. $75.”




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