Garden Art & Walkways

Linda K. recently visited the Berkshire Botanical Garden and sent some photos from their daylily path.  She says that all are older varieties by today’s standards, but together they created a lovely pathway!


IMG_7466, Daylily Path, beginning
IMG_7494, Daylily Path, Mid IMG_7495, Daylily Path, Mid


IMG_7520, Daylily Path, End

She also got to enjoy some unique garden art:


IMG_7512 IMG_7514


And Rebecca has added a new garden structure and plans to plant clematis on the shady side and native honeysuckle on the other. Can’t wait to see how that looks next year!


And here is her Bermuda Coral for a mid-late flash of color:


20140808_130946I’ll share a path I worked on at my house this season, since we seem to have a path theme going on. 😉 Someone on my morning walk route had free slate by the road; they must have revamped a floor. I came back and loaded up the truck.


Just a closeup of an old seedling. Trahlyta and Black Plush cross.

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