A Few More Photos

Richard Daniel sent a shot of a new seedling in his garden. I love it! Doubles are definitely my weakness and I adore hot colors, so this has it all for me. 🙂 I’d love to know the parentage on this one.



And I missed a few Rebecca sent before–sorry Rebecca!

Here’s Antique Rose:



And a lovely clivia she got from Richard D.



Here’s a fun shot I took the other day. On the left is a seedling from El Desperado x Julie Newmar. The right is El Desperado for comparison. The baby got mama’s eye color and Julie’s size/shape. It’s also got great branching, so has made the garden plant cut. 🙂



Finally, here’s a shot of my resident rodent slayer:

20140723_164836So cute!





  1. That’s a real nice Julie Newmar seedling Kim!

      Rich Howard


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