More Early-Mid Blooms!

I received pictures from a few people after the last post, so here we go…

From Rebecca Nisley’s garden we have Orange I Pretty:



And Rescue Me:



And finally here’s Nutmeg Elf peeking out from a woodland bed:



Marion Miller says, “I love the introductions from Margo Reed and Jim Murphy. This is Orangutan which began blooming here on June 19. This early bloomer gets me excited about the season ahead.”


That is a gorgeous plant!

And Marifran Hiltz (presently of TN) sent me a lovely note with equally lovely flower pictures!

“I love being able to see what people are doing in their gardens and keep in touch
with what it going on in CDS!  Recently a couple from here moved to CT and I gave them all the information. I have forgotten their names at the moment.
“I am now past peak bloom and am deadheading about 500 daylilies every day.  UGH! Some have been outstanding this year including one of my own which was hybridized in good old Goshen soil!  I named it after a dear friend who died suddenly the year after my brother died. Here are photos of Donna Jean Woodside.”
Donna Jean Woodside 6-26-14x
Donna Jean Woodside closeup 6-26-14
And finally we have Pink Clouds Adrift, also from Marifran’s garden. What a fun name!
Pink Clouds Adrift 7-1-14x
Thanks so much for sharing, everyone! Hope you’re all starting to see some blooms wherever you garden. I’m currently waging war on deer and hoping they won’t eat it all before my open garden. :/


  1. I spent the better part of the day resurrecting the deer fencing in the back woods that was taken down by falling limbs. Also spraying Liquid Deer Fence, literally, ad nauseum. It’s a nasty job, but it beats lying in bed and visualizing the moose-sized deer that we have spotted in the back yard munching on my beauties. Lately he has brought along his friends/family. Since my property cannot be completely fenced in, I am tempted to try Melanie Mason’s peanut butter/battery method of stronger persuasion. Spoke to Helene yesterday (who sounds excited that we are picnicking there on Sunday 7/13) and she laments that the deer took down the fencing she put up this spring in the new area that she had planted with her seedlings. She said they ate 70% of the seedlings. She sounded philosophical about it – “there’s still 30% left!” and what else can we do besides curse those four legged creatures of nature- because as we know, in the end, nature always wins!

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