Two Beauties to Combat the Cold!

Marion Miller gives us another much-needed burst of color on this wet, white day.  

She says:

I am craving daffodils and daylilies and faced with another forecast of snow here. Grrrr. 

Hemerocallis Rose F Kennedy

Here are two daylilies to brighten the day.  George Doorakian hybridized Hem “Emerald Staburst” which has produced several exceptional daylilies. “Rose F Kennedy” (2007) may be the most popular daylily in my garden with visitors. It calls to you from across the garden, “Come take a look at me!”

It is 33″ tall with a 7″ flower, with a large radiant green eye and rose purple edges. My photo was taken at the end of the season and is not my best. Please believe, it is magnificent. Mary Collier Fisher suggests giving it some fertilizer for bigger flowers and greater growth.

Hem. Tell Tale Heart
Hem. Tell Tale Heart

Hem Rose F Kennedy is the glamorous sibling to our next flower. Telltale Heart (Doorakian 2006) has a mysterious subtlety that is sure to captivate. It is 28″ tall with a 6.5 inch flower. 

An etched purple eyezone surrounds a large green throat while the petals and sepals are lavender purple. This is an awkward description of a very beautiful flower. It is a strong grower with terrific branching, which makes it even more desirable. Highly recommended.

All I can say is, wow!  Tell Tale Heart is now on my must-have list, Marion.


  1. I like the Tell Tale Heart better—it is prettier and more restful. Rose F Kennedy is bold and dazzling, but maybe not for me. I don’t know still might get it, it is a breakthrough flower! Let’s hope the snow melts soon.

  2. I recently purchased Rose-have wanted it for 3 yrs. but just could not spend that much money on a single fan. I got a double fan for under 80.00. Now “Tell Tale Heart” On my wish list. 10 days ago I was raking my yard,picking up winter,s debris and now I’m shoveling-9″ and still coming down.Guess that says it all. YUCK

  3. Thanks for the lovely images Marion ! RFK is a beauty. Somehow I have missed the sib, and it is just a pretty. I am hoping RFK is ready to bloom here this year. The weather was rough on it last summer, and I will totally skip the tale of woe on its journey to our garden.

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