Testing the Blog Idea

“Isolde” (poly)

Here we are, taking a tentative toe to the blogging waters.  They are so refreshing!

Blogging is a fast way to spread information, or simply to remain in touch with friends and fellows.  We at the CDS would like to trial this up-to-the-minute method of communication and camaraderie.  So, join us!  Subscribe today for the latest news about Connecticut Daylily Society meetings–times and places, people and (of course) delicious food!  And, most importantly, you’ll receive the latest plant information we can get our grubby little hands on!

Do you dig it?  Click “follow” at the top of this page to keep current of CDS!


  1. Kim, we loved your newsletters, but the blog takes us to an all new level…it’s like an interactive newsletter but so much better! Thanks for taking the time to explain the blog at yesterday’s meeting. It’s good to know that you don’t have to have accounts with Twitter or Facebook to contribute to the blog. I think the icons are a bit misleading and may be keeping some of our members away who, like myself, choose not to Tweet or follow Facebook, so I appreciated the clarification. Come on, CDS, jump in…the water’s fine! Kim, great presentation yesterday despite the technical challenges. Thanks again.

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