Connecticut Daylily Society

Fall Clean-Up #daylilies #gardening

Spacecoast Bold Scheme

Richard Daniel shares a striking late bloom–appropriately named!

‘Spacecoast Bold Scheme’ sent up “two flowers [yesterday] in honor of the fallen Twin Towers and the victims of September 11th.” ❤

Lovely, Richard!

He’s also been hard at work pulling foxglove, rose campion, and lobelia volunteers. His beds are much tidier than mine, that’s for sure!

Blue Lobelia taking center stage.

I’m glad he spared a few–those blue blooms really pop this time of year!


My back is sore this morning from cutting down a Chamaecyparis that outgrew its spot. I feel a bit guilty because I loved the golden evergreen color, but I’m also excited about all the free space I opened up. I’m planning to put a Pinus strobus ‘Torulosa’ in its place. Although the Twisted White pine can get as big as the tree I just cut down, it should be easier to rein in with pruning.