Connecticut Daylily Society

Extending the Season

With the end of daylily season upon us, I can’t help but wish for more late bloomers in my garden. 😥  Anyone have lovely lates they want to share? I’m always looking to add to my “must have” list!

Here are some shots of my final daylily blooms:

Mister Lucky rebloom
(Spirit of Sapelo X Margo Reed Indeed) X (Suzy Cream Cheese X MRI) This was a pleasant late surprise. The bud count was lacking, but this was the first year blooming. I spread its pollen to just about everything left flowering. 😉
Lullaby Baby Seedling x Happy Returns —Many moons ago, I did some sporadic crossing and eventually tucked those unwanted and unbloomed seedlings into various inhospitable spots. I never noticed the first round of blooms on this because there were far more exciting things going on. Well, now that it’s reblooming, I’m happy to have it around.


Paradise Road (Hanson, 2011)–This is a true late. I won it for a door prize and am definitely falling in love with the splash of rose at the end of August.
Final Touch (Apps, 91) First year blooming and I love it.
Streaker (McKinney, 74) –so that’s pre-bloom, regular EM bloom, and rebloom for 2015, if anyone is counting. Great plant.
Decatur Gleam (Davidson, 74) gives a long season
Amethyst Art x Mighty Highty Tighty unexpected rebloom