Connecticut Daylily Society

What in the World? End of Season Oddities

Rebecca sent an ugly bugger for us to enjoy. 😉 Apparently, this Saddleback Caterpillar fell from a tree after a storm. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, since they can give some painful stings) this guy didn’t survive the drop.

Check out these other photos of the Saddleback Caterpillar. Crazy looking!

We had a gorgeous Shamrock Orb Weaver spider living at the corner of our garage for over a week. We even supplied it with a few bugs we love to hate and took a video of her in action. I need to take the photos off my big camera, though, so I can’t share at the moment. Here’s a neat video someone posted to YouTube of one building her web:

And here’s a shot of Rebecca’s Gentiana peeking through a blanket of Oak leaves.


I’ll also share a few garden shots I took on 10/21/14:

Streaker Poly. I got this from Diana Tuppeny a few years ago. 🙂


May May in October October


Dahlia “Firebird”


Have any end of season shots you want to share? Any garden critters? Send them my way!