Connecticut Daylily Society

More Lovely Seedlings!

How about some brand new babies? Richard Daniel sends some lovely new seedlings for us to ogle. 🙂

Big and beautiful, huh?  This seedling is a whopping 7.5 inches! Personally, I think size does matter–the big ones always carry clear across the garden!


And look at the color of these buds! Adds a whole new dimension to your garden palette when the buds are just as colorful as the flower!

And this one makes me weak in the knees…

Looks like a rose bud in the center of a gorgeous daylily. Love it! The fluffier, the better. Mwuah! 🙂

Oh, I’ll add two shots I took today of one of my seedlings. I’m trying for double spiders, and got this out of Amethyst Art and Mighty Highty Tighty:

It’s a bit pinker than I want (not surprising given the parents) but I’m messing around with it, as you can see by the tags. I have a 1/2 sib with nearly black purple coloring I’d love to move to this one. Of course, the darker flower only doubles with a wee bit of extra in the middle and the bud count stinks. On this, the branching isn’t half bad.


Keep sending those pictures, people!