Connecticut Daylily Society

Peak Bloom Time (or is it Deer Lunch Time?)

Sorry I’m a bit late getting some of these photos up. Life took a turn for the busy. My poor garden also sustained massive deer damage this past weekend, so if anyone was making a special trip for my open garden, I’m at about %50, unfortunately. Do with that info what you will.
Man, I wish hunting was allowed around here.
Anyway, Ann Vinkler sends a lovely closeup shot of one of Helene’s daylilies. She doesn’t know the name, but maybe someone else out there can identify it.
Marifran also sent me some pics of super tall plants. I had a sneaking suspicion that my Autumn Minaret was incorrectly labeled when I bought it. Now it’s been confirmed. Pretty sure I’m stuck with a Hall’s Pink. 😛
She writes:
And just for fun, here are two photos of Autumn Minaret. It is so tall I had to stand
on my tippy toes to take the close-up of the blossom. You can see how tall it is in
the other distance photo. Those are “miniature” crepe myrtles in the back.
Yeah, mine is about 2 feet tall and pink.
And below we have Notify Ground Crew.
Marifran says:
Here is my tallest daylily, Notify Ground Crew. It is registered at 60” by Curt Hanson.
It is also my only nocturnal daylily. I love going out at night with my dog on the deck
and looking out over the garden because I can see NGC in the distance fully opened.
This photo was taken early in the morning just as the blossoms are starting to close.
Rebecca also shared some blooms. First up is Priscilla’s Rainbow:
And the lovely Blueberry Breakfast:
And finally, Mildred Pierce:
That’s all she wrote. Hope your daylilies are fairing better than mine, folks!